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1: There is no better place than a home and a homestay leaves you a warm, unforgettable , everlasting experience and make new bonding with people that become like a family by the end of your trip.The family of the host who resides there runs it. This ensures that guests receive plenty of individual attention.

2 : Nobody knows a place better than someone who was born and raised there. The wealth of information that the hosts have about their local area makes it easier for you. Such local knowabouts is extremely helpful in getting the most from your visit. Your host will share his local insight and vast network with you in no time. Whether it be the contact number of a reliable Taxi driver, a happening eating joint a homestay host is the best person to rely on.

3: One feels safe as homestays are largely run by families who live in the place. Both safety and privacy are ensured here. According to a guest at lapinekonez RAGHVI from ITALY,”The stay was extremely comfortable. Aunty was such a sweet lady and her food is the best ghar ka khana i have ever had. Also its a great place for solo female travellers. Thank you aunty for making my trip a memorable one. I am definately  coming back  READ MORE

4: One can enjoy home-cooked local delicacies MORE ABOUT THIS 

The best part about staying in a homestay is the delicious home-cooked food. It allows you to understand local cuisine and even learn what goes into the preparation as most hosts willing share secret recipes with you.

5 : “Extra care for your baby infants need wether it be food or medical care. By staying in a homestay with a host family around, you can be assured that you’re not alone in case of a medical emergency. A homestay wiould let you to use the kitchen.

6 : Home stays are comparatively cheaper .

7: Staying with a family gives you access to a lot of such stories during your many conversations with them.

8 : If you’re someone who is very particular when it comes to food, home stays give that option to you. We at La pinekonez cook and serve just that is in our home. Homestays will also prepare and set up your meals in a specific way and with special care for your needs.Homestays can be trusted on this as it provides authentic cuisine, prepared by themselves. Some homestays even welcome their guests into their kitchen, and let them participate in the cooking process.