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Traditional architecture has been used in constructing the homestay with locally sourced natural materials as they are easily available, economical and climatically more suitable. Our construction materials ranges from using locally baked bricks, regionally quarried stones, red mud walls to native seasoned pinewood. The rock and mud walls are made entirely by locals of the village community, using interlocking bricks and least concrete. Also, they have a very low carbon footprint due to negligible transportation cost. Such materials also harmonize well with the natural environment of the location. Mud is the one of the most eco-friendly locally available materials available for building. The plantation of high trees around the rooms provides natural cooling and shade all day and reduce temperature by 5 degrees.  The house is built using techniques that are eco-friendly, keeping the carbon footprint at a minimum. However, the most advantageous feature is the fact that it acts as a thermal insulator, meaning the interiors stay cooler in the summers, while in the winter it is warmer.  A compact central courtyard endorsing a khadak tree, gets natural shade for the most part of the day that lowers the temperature by 3-5 degrees. Local trees and biodiversity gardens planted on the premises allow small fauna to survive . The cobbled pathways allow the rainwater to seep through them, which recharges the groundwater level.