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Kasauli is 65kms from Chandigarh  and Kalka (40 km)  and can be reached from Kalka  which has the nearest  railway station and Chandigarh has the nearest airport.  After the coming up of the himalayan expressway the distance has been considerably reduced

Kasauli by Air

The nearest airport from kasauli is Chandigarh and is well connected to major cities through  regular flights.One can avail this mode of transport to reach Kasauli in the shortest time.Chandigarh Airport is 65 kms from kasauli

 Kasauli by Road

The are  several buses between Kasauli and  chandigarh . You can direct buses from dharampur which is 12 kms from kasauli to new delhi and other major cities in india.

 Kasauli by Train

The Indian Railways runs shatabadi express between new delhi and kalka station .Morning shatabdi at 7:00 am reaches kalka at 12:00 am which can be comfortable for you if you want to avoid heavy road traffic. You can take the connecting toy train from kalka upto dharampur.The toy train ride through the hills of Himachal can be a rejuvenating experience in itself.