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Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Music Festival


Music festival Kasauli rythum and blues music festival kasauli took of today at the Baikunth Resort today.

































Kasauli Rhytm and Blues music festival is an annual music festival held in Kasauli, Himachal at Baikunth Resort. This Music Festival was conceived by Genesis Foundation in 2012 with a view to grow its community of donors and well-wishers. Believing strongly that music is a positive and participatory force in the creation of change, the Foundation invites established and upcoming artistes from India’s diverse pool of musical talent. They perform for our cause – to support critically ill, and under-privileged children suffering from Heart Disorder. Music aficionados can contribute for the cause by simply doing what they love best – listening to music!

100% of funds raised are dedicated towards treatment of critically ill children as all overhead costs are borne by the trustees

About the Genesis Foundation.

Genesis foundation was started after its Founders Prema and Jyoti Sagar lost their child to Heart Disorder – Samir, who was born on December 20, 1983.

It took them a long time to recover from this tragic loss. They began working at Missionaries of Charity. It gave them a whole new meaning to life, and this is how the journey started as they felt they could reach out and assist in the best way possible – enriching the lives of others and their own.
Now – there is no end to this journey to save more and more little hearts. A turning point came when a tea stall owner in a drunken stupor threw his son into a dry well. Only seven years old, he broke or dislocated every major bone in his body. He was taken to an orphanage and then with the help of an American lawyer – Eugene Mihaly, GF reached out to Ravi and contacted Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children in the US where he underwent multiple surgeries along with physiotherapy.

He too, found a happy ending within an American family who adopted him, and welcomed him with open arms – he has been to school and even learnt how to swim! The success of these two experiences paved the way for a more structured organization in the form of Genesis Foundation, where we strive to truly Give Life a Chance.

Our little heart, Anshul is in the pink of health after his treatment. He’s a fighter who overcame CHD and is so happy to be back in school after his recovery. Our team visited him at the Government Secondary School in Kinana village to capture his progress in a film. Stay tuned for the short film! We wish him a bright future ahead. #SaveLittleHearts


Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Music Festival 2018

The Kasauli rhythm and blues festival is to take place on the 30th of march 2018 at the Baikunth Resorts kasauli. Kasauli Rhythm and Blues (KRBF) is held by Genesis Foundation. The annual music festival is running its 7th edition. A mecca for music enthusiasts interested in listening to a diverse pool of established and upcoming talent, the festival has delivered some of the most exceptional live performances – from the mesmerizing Usha Uthup, Shilpa Rao, Lesle Lewis, Rabbi Shergill to the flavorsome Sonam Kalra and Kutle Khan Sufi Collective amongst others in the past. Join us this Easter weekend of March 30- 31, 2018.




Rabbi Shergill also known as Gurpreet Singh Shergill, born in 1973 is an Indian musician well known for his debut album Rabbi and the chart-topper song of 2005, Bullah Ki Jaana. His music has been described variously as rock, Punjabi, with a bani style melody. He is to perform at the 2018 Kasauli rhythm and blues festival.

When Chai met toast

When Chai Met Toast takes inspiration from the lighter side of life to create music that is heart-warming, happy and smile worthy. The newest band from the land of coconuts, they gained fans quickly with a special acoustic setup and a unique brand of infectious happy music, which transcends age, genre and even language. They are to perform at the Kasauli Rhythm and Blues 2018.

When Chai Met Toast is –

Ashwin Gopakumar – Vocals / Guitar
Achyuth Jaigopal – Guitar / Banjo
Palee Francis – Keyboard
Sailesh G Pai – Drums

A collaboration between Aditya Jassi (lead singer, songwriter and guitarist), Manish Gunthey (singer and guitarist), Ashwani Verma (drums) and Abhay Sharma (saxophone). The band performs a mix of Bollywood contemporary covers and retro Hindi music, English pop, rock and contemporary music. Unplugged entrals audiences with their outstanding musical performances.

Recently, they opened for singer Guru Randhawa at India’s Biggest Food Festival – The Grub Fest. Other venues they have also performed at are The Flying Saucer Café, Monkey Bar, Depot 48, The Electric Room and Farzi Café.

Sonam Kalra


Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project, is the brainchild of singer and lead vocalist Sonam Kalra. The music they produce blends together the many voices of language, religion and music to create one voice- the voice of faith. Their sound is fresh and unique and in fact, Sonam has created a new genre with The Sufi Gospel Project. It is called a ‘project’ because the music the band produces is ever evolving and an exploration of this genre.

a blend of sufi, gospel, jazz, bhakti, contemporary and whatever flows into the music organically
Band Members:
Sonam Kalra, ahsan Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Khan, Alex fernendes, Rajesh Prasanna and Daniel Paul

Anshu mor to perform on day 2 at the R&B fetival 2018

Anshu Mor, former head of Xbox division for Microsoft India has indeed left his swanky corporate job to become a standup comedian. But don’t mistake him for the typical corporate tech geek bored at his job. He clarifies he enjoyed every bit of his job at Microsoft but he just wanted to follow his passion.


Rhythm and Blues 2017


Rhythm and Blues 2016

Rhytum and Blues 2016

The line-up for the 5th Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival, promises to be as exciting, if not more, and amazing bands and musicians will enthrall the audience with a mix genre of music—Western, Sufi, fusion and Bollywood! And best of all, you get the chance to meet our ambassador Dia Mirza who will join us at Kasauli.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Frisky Pints: Indie Pop Rock

Tabla Maestro & Sultan of Strings feat. Fazal Qureshi and Ravi Iyer

Mihir Joshi

Shilpa Rao: Bollywood playback Singer

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kanchan Daniel & The Beards: Indian Blues

The Local Train: Indian Rock

Massive Vibe Live!: Worldwide concert tour production and lyrics by Queen Be!

Leslie Lewis

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Brunch at the famous Kasauli Club from 11.30am onwards

Cost: Rs 450 per person

Bands: Army Pipers and Army Jazz band

Dress Code (very important): Collared shirts/t-shirts, full length trousers/jeans and shoes (sports shoes not allowed)

Donor Cards

Adults 19 and above – ₹ 9,500 per person

Single Day – ₹ 7500 per person

Age group 13-18 years – ₹ 7,000 per person

There is no charge for children under 12 years of age

The donor card includes entry to the festival and a complimentary bar and beverages on two days i.e. March 25-26, 2016.

Rhythm and Blues 2015

R&B 2015


Rhytm and Blues 2014

Indus creed performance.

Rhytum and Blues 2013



Places to drop by in kasauli

Kasauli is one of the spic and span hill stations in north india. Kasauli is a small hill town and is located between 30/54’ north latitude and 76/78’ east longitude. Overlooking the plains, it is about 6000 feet above sea level and is known for its cleanliness and beautiful panorama. Kasauli, enjoying proximity to the plains draws a large number of weekend tourists, reminds one of the bygone British Raj.
Surrounded  with green hills, old cottages,with a breathtaking  view of the snowcapped Himalayas on the horizon and a fresh air to breathe. The town is famous for its landmarks and for its favourable climate all year round. Kasauli charm includes everything from nature walks , quaint cobbled street,heritage buildings, and of course, scenic views at every step.


From New Delhi- 290.6 kms via NH 44
From Chandigarh – 65 kms
Duration of journey – 6 hrs 40 min

Weather In Kasauli

Winters – Max: 15degrees Min 2 degrees.
Summers – Max : 30 degrees Min 15 degrees.

Kasauli is known for its pleasant climate conditions. It’s being easily approachable from the plains makes it an ideal getaway for the tourists. It isn’t heavily crowded by the tourists so one can enjoy clean pollution free air .

         How to travel in and around kasauli

There is a saying ” In hills its a fashion to walk than to ride in a car “. It would be a wise option to take local mode of transportation either by taxi or local bus . There is a frequent bus service to kasauli after every half an hour.  Lately free electric taxis are available from mall road to monkey point.

Clothes to wear in Kasauli

DECEMBER TO MARCH : One must carry heavy woolens as the weather can change any moment.

APRIL TO JULY : One must carry light jacket or a shawl and t-shirts.

JULY TO SEPTEMBER: An umbrella is a must as it’s rainy season. Light jacket and shawl would be recommended.


Monkey Point is the highest point of the town of Kasauli equivalent to shimla and is among the the attractions in kasauli and is very popular places to visit in kasauli. From here one can get a complete panoramic view of the plains of Chandigarh region and the river kaushalya flowing through the valleys. One can also spot a snow covered peak of chur dhar which is the highest peak of the surrounding region.A temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, is also situated at the Monkey Point. Lord Hanuman set his foot on this peak while returning from Himalayas with Sanjeevani booti. The top of hill is in a foot shape and the temple is said to be engraved with footmarks of the Hanuman.


Sunset point is one of the most popular viewpoints in Kasauli. This place gets thronged by tourists at the time of sunset. Enjoy the site of orange-coloured sun setting in the plains. Serene surrounding and a pleasant climate with whistling pines makes the experience even more memorable. Treat your eyes to the picturesque views of the plains, villages and green valleys while the sun is setting down. This area is popular among the tourists and one can enjoy the sunset and a quiet nature walk with an amazing scenery. It offers a bird eye view of the plains.


A little ahead of the sunset point is the gilbert trail.For lovers of natural beauty can enjoy long walks admits the pine trees and capture some breathtaking sceneries .The route is well-marked as is one of the most popular hikes in the area.this unique experience is especially good if you’re hiking as a family. The kids will love watching the wild animals roaming around.


The Heritage market in kasauli does not posses any ornamental facade to announce its presence, but the heritage market is no less important in its historical value. One can enjoy a walk down the cobbled pathway into the heritage market which has witnessed well known personalities from writers to film directors taking a stroll here. One can get many eating options here. You must try the famous bun samosas of kasauli at the local tannu halwais shop.You can shop for souvenirs from various shops in the market.


The Sharma photo studio situated in the jakki mull building. Its more of a heritage shop than a photo studio with rare photographs of British raj. One gets to see Viceroys, Army Generals, Famous writers and Film stars. The fading pictures on the display cases are worth admiring.

Khushwant singh , sanjay dutt, protima bedi, pooja bedi from right to left.


Adjoining to the Sharma photo studio is the church of England. It was set up as a retreat for the British army men and their families. It was previously known as the Anglican church. With a picturesque location admist Chestnut and fir trees surrounding this 159-year-old structure.Built in the shape of a cross, the church was built by the British families who also laid the foundation of Kasauli town in 1842. About 30 families, belonging to the Protestant Christians, worshiped here besides the tourists visiting the town.


It was established in 1880 with a joint effort of civilans and service personnel as the kasauli reading cum assembly room. It was named kasauli club Ltd in 1898 when a limited company was established. There is a dress code to be followed by the members and current waiting period is 25 yrs to become its member.Kasauli club is situated on the upper mall in a very scenic location. The cool breeze of the deodar and the pine trees greets one with affection.

Toy Train Ride

The toy train in kasauli is one of the three such trains still functioning in India , the other two in ooty and darjeeling . It is said a local holy man guided the british surveyers where to lay the rail track.You can travel by taxi to Dharampur bus stand below which is the Dharampur railway station true for you through the dense pine forests and tunnels and the heritage Barog tunnel.

Toy Train

Birding in kasauli

Birdwatching involves a lot of auditory component, as many bird species of birds are more easily detected and identified by ear than by eye. Kasauli may be a small hill station, but it is varied land and has much more to offer than its famous Bun samosa’s and momo’s. Kasauli has stunning landscapes. If you like to combine the thrill of birding with a little gentle walking and appreciation of the nature, Kasauli is for you. Have you ever thought about bird watching on your kasauli vacation as a family activity? It would an excellent means of getting children out of the hotel room and engage in the environment and outdoor activities.

                                                          Nature Walks in Kasauli

Rest a while in the sunshine and savour the wonderful scenery. Mighty hills, deep-green pine forests, picturesque valleys, Kasauli is a paradise for nature-lovers. Discover the pristine nature, flora and fauna and seek inspiration in places of tranquillity and energy.Your local guide brings everything to life, and helps you spot the birds and animals that make kasauli jungles their home .Explore the beauty of our trails with a local guide to lead you through the diverse ecology of kasauli. Come with weather appropriate clothes and shoes for moderate levels of walking – inclines or uneven ground may be encountered on this walk. We take you for nature walks in kasauli, away from the noise and pollution of major roads and off beaten tourist tracks giving you insights into the rural way of life in local himachali villages around kasauli. Our walks take you out into a rural setting for experiencing the traditions and customs associated with local villages.

                                        Mohan Meakins Wine Distillery

Situated in a picturesque location of snow covered mountains with fresh spring water made Edward Dyer Father of Col dyer responsible for the Jaillian wala bagh masacre) to set up the first brewery in kasauli. This later came to be known as Dyer Breweries in the year 1820s. Kasauli Brewery is supposed to be the world’s highest distillery the Himalayas and happens to be the first distillery for Scotch Wiskey in Asia. The entire equipment for the unit was imported from England and Scotland and still being used in the distillery . Since fresh spring water was available in Kussowlie so Edward decided to set up his unit here. Primary reason for setting up the Brewrey unit was the climatic condition similar to scotland and a market sponsored by the British and civilians and the nearby consumer market. In the begining India Pale Ale and malt whisky were the first brands of the distillery. With the increase in population and lack of spring water supply the brewery to be shifted to Solan.

                                                                        Black Retriever in Kasauli.

Kasauli is a beautiful little town facing the himalayan ranges that the Britishers established way back in the year 1842. This heritage town has numerous buildings, some preserved while others are in a bad state.
However, this sculptor of a black dog guarding the ‘English Wine Shop’ of Kalyan Hotel would definetly catch your eye.Similar to the story about the Japanese dog, Hachiko (the faithful), whose bronze statue at Shibuya train station in Tokyo is a reminder of dog’s affection and loyalty for its owner. Indeed it is a memorial to a true friend, and a ‘hero’ of Kasauli. This old building on the ‘Y’ junction on the mall road which was earlier a chemist and druggist store known as “B.Kalicharan & Sons” owned by Mr Kalicharan who was a richest landlord of his time in the town who had a large clout and influence in the area. The DC of Kasauli, who was a representative of the British Queen, would walk behind him when Seth Kalicharan took a walk on the Kasauli mall.Since drug stores at that time, were also the licensed wine shops, used to have lots of cash, and one day, some thieves broke into the shop and robbed it off imported wines and trinkets and cash. While the robbery was in progress, the Black Retriever of Sethji attacked the robbers who fled from the scene. Our ‘Hero’ immediately woke up the owner, and led the police to the robbers who were caught sharing the booty.His fame grew and an Englishman photographed the dog, and sent the picture to a bronze foundry in North Devon in England, where the statue was built and shipped back to India. It was installed outside the Sethji’s shop as a memorial to, what Daarji also says, “Man’s Best Friend”.So next time, you are in Kasauli, do stop by and appreciate this sculptor.


On the lower mall in kasauli in Alasia Hotel a large advertising Stephens Inks Thermometer made in 1890, carrying old chips and blemishes from the carriage of time. Still in working condition and a genuine piece of vintage advertising.