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A Synoptic Outline of Kasauli
Kasauli…a small hill station, on the foot hills of himachal. My birthplace,my hometown,My building block.Going back my memory lane, for visitors, it was just a small place , mostly visited by parents of children residing in The Lawrence School, Sanawar nd St.Mary’s Convent School Kasauli.

Known for its beauty, serenity,weather, peacefullness nd the eternal bliss felt, while walking up n down its roads.It is still the same,with only a few changes.The credit goes to the air force, the military ,the cantonment nd ofcourse the residents.Kasauli now, has become a popular tourist destination for people far n near,only 65km from chandigarh, having one n half hour drive, its d nearest hill station for people who love to freak out more often.People come here , to enjoy the weather it beholds nd peacefullness it brings to ur heart, mind n soul.

Born  n brought up in kasauli, i hold innumerable memories of childhood, adoloscence nd youth. Some faded, some unforgetful, some sweet ,some bitter but in total adored nd cherished moments that will always be alive in some corner of my mind as long as i live.

To talk about places to visit here, not much n bountiful but yess, enough for one to fulfil nd enjoy as thought for an excurtion or a vacation.I can describe few  places by corelating them with my short n long term personal experiences  as a Native.

Major Attraction known to people, Manki Point, is a hill top Temple in the Air Force Station Area around 3.5 Km from the Christ church.There are two ways of reaching ,The upper mall  n The Lower Mall.One can even choose to go on foot or on wheels as they wish too.But i guess, walking wud b the best way as one can enjoy the scenic beauty as well as the weather.Going back to my gud old days of childhood, we loved to go walking with all the relatives who wud come to visit us mostly during summer season.Climbing the hill top was a layman task for us.Me along with my cousins wud go running to reach the temple, pray  nd then come back running down d hill nd decide who came first.

Both the mall roads,have different scenic beauty.Walking or driving along these mall roads,one can also spend quality time on The Sunrise n Sunset points(one on the lower n other on the upper mall respectively) n The Gilbert Hill,can take glimpse of TV Tower. 

Just a few minutes away from the sunset point , there lays a heavenly place namely ‘The Lover’s Lane’ that is imbrued in a ravishing atmosphere of peace, serenity and fresh air. It’s soothing and romantic scene is a sheer bliss for honeymooners or newly married. Rich in flora and fauna, this place has traced path with the chest wood trees laid on both the sides.

Strolling hand in hand with your partner is what the lover’s lane offers. 

The Kasauli Club which dates back to british period is accesible only to members, CRI(Central Research Institute)known for its testing nd prodution of vaccines,The Christ Church,that too dates back to the british era has a clock tower nd sundail used in olden days. What makes this church unique is the fact that it is the oldest church of Himachal Pradesh. Its picturesque structure and scenic beauty attract nature lovers all across india.

Cherry on top of d cake is the Tibetian market  nd the Heritage market which adds A feather on ur cap.No trip is complete without shopping,especially for kids nd women.And both the markets provides galore love of kasauli, that one can carry back home as a memory to b cherished nd treasured  time n again.

Military Ground amidst the military area nd the Cinema hall(under the military) , which was converted to a shopping complex  in 90’s named AWWA (acronym for Army Wives Welfare Association)is now renovated as Kler Auditorium for holding small functions and also showcasing Movies.

Arat Bazaar, the main residential area of locals is situated downhill, as we walk through n beyond the heritage market,holds lot of memories of my childhood. From going to school nd coming back,from playing with friends to experience bunking as a teenager and uncovering the hidden beauty of Kasauli.Few places that i came across only during my adoloscence were Gilbert Hill, Cantonment Garden, Dhobi Ghat.They behold some of my lifelong memorable moments with my besties.

St.Mary’s Convent ,is a co-educational and residential school for girls,is the building block of uncountable talented pupils.It was established in 1958,by the Roman Catholic Church of India.One of the oldest nd gracious institutions located in the pristine enviorns of Kasauli. Schools Not only  impart education, they are the foundation stones in the journey of life.  They build ur personality, fill u up with knowledge, morals ,values, ideas nd thoughts.NOone understands its value,but only after leaving the institution, to soar up higher in life,that one realise n understand its true importance.

 Not to forget about Nahri Mandir,  dedicated to lord shiva n goddess Durga is believed to have been built some 150 yrs back.It is famous for celebrating Dusshera n Shivratri.Dating back my childhood days,I loved to visit this temple on dusshera with my family to witness the burning of Ravana(Victory ofgood over evil), relishing hot jalebi n samosa , buying toys frm d vendors especially Hanuman ji’s Gada or a Bow nd Arrow and returning back the moment  when  ravana was burnt, to climb back,the hill, which is a kuchha trek to old kasauli road,watching Ravana burn to ashes as we climbed up.

There is a lot more to explore of this mesmerising place. Although one might find It as an evocative, captivating or an alluring description of my mind.But, its worth it.

So, stop thinking and pack your bags and escape to Kasauli for a wonderful holiday with loved ones.  By RADHIKA GARG